Allow DOS applications to use a shared or USB printer on Windows XP

In 2019, How many people will still use the DOS operating system or Windows XP? Many! especially in Thailand

Many SMEs in Thailand still uses old software to operate the accounting task of their business. Part of it due to the steep costs when they try to change to the modern, cloud-based one. Anyway, let’s go thru the process.

Technical Caveats

Main Idea: Exposes by mapping a printer in the windows settings to a particular LPT port.

OS: Tested on Windows 10, XP, should work on earlier Windows as well.

Step 1 — Download DOSPrint

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The official website has been tearing down for a long time. Thus, you have to download it from web achieve.

You would like to use DOSPrintUI.exe because it is easier to interact. After you open the exe file, look carefully in the notification area on the bottom left of the desktop. That is the sign that you have successfully done.

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DOSPrint icon in the notification bar

Step 2— Set it to run at startup

For DOSPrint to run conveniently at startup, just put DOSPrintUI.exe to the startup folder, C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. More information here.

Step 3— Map printer to the LPT port

Right-click at the icon in the notification bar. and click Configure.

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use DOSPrint s

Map any LPTs as you like. Enjoy 🎉

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A quant, ML Engineer— Pythonista — hacker.

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