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A Capitalism Subsystem Rationale, for Globeyond

‘Capitalism Subsystem’ is a virtual economic system(VES) that works under the existing capitalist system. This virtual economic system can be divided into 2 categories. The one-way type of virtual economic system and the two-way type of virtual economic system.

One-way VES is a type that limits the exchange or conversion from/to the existing capitalism currency/asset/securities/rights/power. This one usually uses to make a smooth shift of 2 radical systems. There is no example of such a system before as I know.

Two-way VES is a type of economic that allow the bidirectional free exchange of currency/asset/securities/rights/power between the existing capitalism and its subsystem. This one usually creates to transform the existing system(an upgrade if you like). There are some real-world examples that focus solely on the currency aspect such as Bitcoin and Libra.

I am here to shed some light on one-way VES called “Globeyond”. Specifically, its rationale of creation behind.

Since money is a world shared story, why don’t we work on that directly? Why can’t we just modify our shared god to solve our modern problems?

“… Money, in fact, is the most successful story ever invented and told by humans because it is the only story everybody believes. Not everybody believes in God, not everybody believes in human rights, not everybody believes in nationalism, but everybody believes in money and in the dollar bill. Take even Osama bin Laden, he hated American politics, and American religion, and American culture, but he had no objection to American dollars. He was quite fond of them actually. …”

Yuval Noah Harari from his TED talk

Globeyond uses a modified version of capitalism at its heart. Money is still the magic of this VES. People from the existing capitalism will have an ease of understanding it.

Quick Question: “Which one do you prefer? One dollar from one million people or one million dollars from one person.”

In many aspects and situations, it is the same. However, you might favor one person since he is only one guy to persuade and work with; less time-consuming. But, that is not true in Globeyond. Every dollar is different and meaningful. Every dollar is a pray and a vote. Dollars from different guys will empower you a lot more than a million-dollar from a single guy.

“In this world, you are on a mission to accumulate. You have 1-year of salary, 10-year of salary, 100-year of salary, or even 10-generation of salary. Not enough! What you are really looking for is 99.99999…% of world currency/asset/securities/rights/power. To make you feel, I am done.”

Capitalism hardwires our minds to seek profit, win-win deals. Pricing is one-sided in many cases. Owning more capital make gather the next capital even easier. This is a snowball effect on capitalism. The interest rate aka. 8th wonder of the world is non-sense stuff. I have a theory to support it and it goes like this.

Assuming that an individual owns 51% of all currencies in the globe. Thus the rest of the world keep circulating with 49% of the left currencies. At saturation point, the world will think that the rest 49% are all available currencies thus the pricing will be made based on that. As you own more currencies you become richer automatically.

Or I like to think about it this way also.

At start, I have 1%. Once I accumulate up to 50%. I could buy this whole world one time. Next, I own 95%. In a short burst, I could buy this whole world 95%/5%=19 times. But then, I own 99%, a mere four-percent more. In a short burst, I could buy this whole world 99%/1%=99 times! That is a ridiculous ≈5 times more.

I know it is weird and seems fictional. But it did make me curious Why capitalism is designed in a way that favor accumulation so much? Things become easier and more accessible once you own more capital.

Zero Balance is the new optimal point.

Globeyond is designed around that moto. Globeyond citizen just empties their wallet every day (if you have money left, spend it. if you have a debt, pay it.). And the VES mechanisms assure that people with zero balance will have the most freedom, their future will be secured.

“From harvesting natural resources, buy concert tickets for sale, human focus, to securities trading, we have been exploiting literally every single thing on a daily basis. Basically, just a waste of time, resources and talents”

Humans live in the time domain. We have a difficulty to understand exponential intuitively. We have difficulty to contribute beyond a lifespan time frame. We have difficulty to receive information as a whole[0]. All systems human-created inherit that too as well as our mother nature. This characteristic makes everything in the world run in an incremental and cumulative fashion.

Since this is the weakness inherent in our universe, we exploit all kinds of markets since ancient time. We unintentionally and later intentionally do fishing more than an area of the ocean can regenerate back and beyond.

Our current economy abstracts real consumers from real producers. Real consumers have lost communication with real producers where consumers can negotiate our direct concerns and love/care for their productions and beyond. Consumers instead talk to the middle man/market/distributor where price and features are only topics matters. Then, everything starts to optimized around pricing automatically and blindly.

Since then, there is a great effort/focus/investment to be a middle man instead of making a great product. On a mission of `making markets efficient` status quo,

  • How many Nobel/great mathematicians/engineers use their time to exploit the stock market?
  • To be a happy citizen in this capitalism world, how many hours one has to spend to invest his money correctly?
  • How many AI scientists use their time to exploit human focus via advertisements?

Don’t get me wrong. It is ok for a human to explore an untapped area including exploitation on the pain/loss of others(markets are usually a zero-sum game). But, it is not ok to do it in a systematic way.

Globeyond is designed to get rid of the middle man in many aspects. From politics to merchandise. An individual dollar coin is a vote, a right in and of itself. We don’t need politicians. We’re all politicians in a sense. Globeyond has a tax system and currency properties design specifically for this issue. There will be a better market for trading not for exploiting.

How come a software company has enough money power to wipe the entire forest of a tropical country?

Since the official use of fiat money, I believe that the global currency supply has been expanding for digital/intangible assets.

Songs and software are the same as milk and fruits in the sense that they expire. Milk and fruits return to earth soil and become ingredient for future milk and fruits. While songs and software return to the void of the universe. Currency gains from selling songs and software continue their existence forever unlike its property of expiring.

No currency supply will be enough for digital/intangible assets will be created. The world economy will become a tug-of-war of intangible pricing VS tangible pricing. While the majority (like 90%) of world citizen cannot participate. Also a rare case, there are only bubbles of digital await for the right strike of a solar flare[0.5].

Currencies created from the digital asset is more than enough to buy physical Earth assets twice or even more! (in a short burst, of course! ) This was just makeup numbers but the idea can be seen from some facts like bitcoin power consumption. Tech guys allow using tangible resources like that.

“Capitalism without Capital” — J. Haskel, S. Westlake

Globeyond has a special channel for digital/intangible assets. With the programmable price and expirable money, the control of the currency supply does not apply here. Things start making more sense from the beginning!

an internet meme.

From the third, “Accumulation Based Mind”, you might start to see the tail of this dragon. The accumulation does apply to natural resources. Basically capitalism does everything a sum of money allows. If everybody wants to have electric vehicles like Tesla, Global lithium reserved(40 million metric tons)[1] shows not everybody can own such a vehicle, only 8% of earth population are allowed to own such the vehicle given we harvested all lithium reserved on this planet. Environmental consequences of lithium extraction are another long story set aside for now. You can observe the price and demand of this element by yourself.

Global [lithium] consumption may jump to 300,000 metric tons a year by 2020 from about 150,000 tons in 2012, to match the demand for lithium batteries that has been growing at about 25% a year, outpacing the 4% to 5% overall gain in lithium production. — Wikipedia[2]

You might also see why circular economy won’t cut it. It is vague and not tackle the root of the problem which I believe lies our view, our psychology toward the existing economic system, the accumulation-based. Besides that, for all charges incurred for not follow the circular economy, trust me, there is always enough money to pay for all carbon footprint and NGOs.

Apart from the Earth, the moon, the mars, and beyond are where failure is not allowed, but our planet is not, Or was not! It used to be a playground for mankind to grow and learn from the perspective of individuals to the perspective of civilization. Human and other living organisms are designed to live in the playground like Earth. Now, the Earth is on fire 🔥 as we know (You already know it I won’t explain). Climate change is just one of many problems concerning global survivability we are facing!

Estimates of how the different control variables for seven planetary boundaries have changed from 1950 to present. Ref

As you might know, Globeyond rewires the human mind to circulation-based instead of accumulation-based. There will be less resource wasted. Globeyond has a distributed economic of scale to prevent extreme use of resources.

‘Maintainers,’ Not ‘Innovators,’ Make the World Turn — Laura Bliss[3]

It doesn’t mean that we are stopping our advancement in science. But, we just shift our focus from linear advancement to circular advancement. Maintainers are not necessary to be conservatives. They can be so aggressive about technology and goal too.

Globeyond makes sure that every benefit to society gets paid fairly. With the programmable price, free volunteers will not exist on this VES.

This article starts with a disconnected idea about 2 types of VES. I would like to leave you a few questions.

  • Why does Globeyond VES prefer one-way instead of two-way?
  • What are some other alternatives to solve the modern world issues instead of Globeyond?
  • Why is Globeyond complex?
  • What features would you add or remove from Globeyond?

Feel free to talk and discuss with me about your ideas. How could we save this planet or tackle modern problems?

Globeyond, at its essence, aligns flows of humanity desires with its 1000-year surviability.

As a creator of this speculation, I don’t think Globeyond is the best way to run this world economy eternally. but, for this particular moment, it is the best. We have all the technology to make it a reality. It may slow the technology advancement down by a degree. But, definitely cooler the globe down by a few more degrees. we are in no rush, right? Once, everything is ok, we can just switch back to capitalism again to enjoy fast advancement. It like a sine wave of multi-system switching, I guess.









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