How to search for the next Dalai Lama in 2030? using User embeddings?

TL;DR I am going to elaborate about a type of embedding of neural network(user embedding). And I am going to talk about how humanity could use this to our advantage. As well as, the human right of user embedding. All are just a speculation.

How a Dalai Lama is currently being selected?

This is what I call inherit by characteristics or properties. There is the counterpart, inherit by blood, closeness. The selection of CEO, is also the same idea that main criteria are skills and competencies, like AMD and Google. While some companies(conglomerates), like Samsung, prefer to inherit by blood, closeness.

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What is user embeddings?

[1] used to happen in the past, using a special url, similar to this.

User embedding could be questioned using some math.

At this point, you might be able to relate to our topic which is actually searching for the next Dalai Lama using user embedding is within the realm of possibility! You could take the recent Dalai Lama YouTube embedding and see if any boy in Tibet have similar embedding as the recent Dalai Lama.

But, there is a catch. Comparing the whole embedding might not be a good idea of you focus on some attributes while exclude unrelated. How do we find user that more likely to helping others? Thankfully that many embedding also have a attribute of linear substructures.

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This is from word embedding.

This enable us to identify polarity and meaning of a subset of vector, see FastAI explanation for more details.

Also, if embedding from YouTube alone is not really who you are enough. You could combine embedding from Facebook, TikTok and as well as Twitter. It is also very possible to combine the NLP model(language embedding) to help in exploring a user embedding in a more descriptive manner. This is by no mean saying that it is easy or straightforward task.

Tweaking User embedding could make user closer to who we want to be.

At some point, you might what to change the recommendation, There are several ways to do

  1. one way is to create new account and start from a clean slate embedding
  2. two is to keep typing new query and view those video, over a week or months
  3. three is to report YouTube what you don’t want to see more of this … because of …
  4. four is to ask your friend for a new playlist.

The existing solution is really stupid in some senses. but, I know that it could be better.

Imagine what it be like if we could use Elon Musk(or any of your model)’s user embedding to browse things. Imagine what it be like if we could explore our opinion e.g. republicans(or any of your view)’s user embedding to browse the other sides of ideas.

Imagine if we could just incrementally change only by a little day by day our existing embedding to get more and more closer to our desire characteristics(embedding).

That would be interesting things alternative to the existing ways, this is declarative express and intention of a human who might what to escape from a great gravity of embedding dark hole.

User embedding and self-actualization

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CC. from

On the individual level, knowing where you are going is really important. User embedding could help you to navigate or to keep track of where you are going. by analyzing the change of user embedding each week, you will able to see and evaluate where you are at and where you are going to toward.

The Right of User embedding

Not to talk about right to directionally change our own embedding which is really futuristic and much much beyond the scoop of 10-year consideration.

This also could help startups and rivals to bootstrap user embedding, thus in order to keep competitive advantage instead of systematic win of community, reducing compute resources to compile/learn about personalization(causing global warming). I don’t see rationale for tech companies to share user embedding.

Dalai Lama? User embedding? and beyond

Despite potential misuses, humanity will moving toward that our nature. At the bottom line, we, human, just want to have a peaceful time with his digital inventions. we want a good default so we could spend time with other important stuff.

Be transparent, Be expressive, And Be personalized.

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A quant, ML Engineer— Pythonista — hacker.

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